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Existing staff of feicheng fellowship engineering plastics co., LTD860More than one,It is equipped above title of professional and technical personnel186Name,The German Karl mayer(KARLMAYER )High speed“Rachel”The warp knitting Machine、Marilyn mo(MALIM0)The axial loom、Neil loom,And six bidirectional geogrid production line,Article 4 the unidirectional geogrid production line,Coating technology and master door zell company。

The main production and operation of plastic geogrid one-way、Steel-plastic geogrid、Glass fiber geogrids、Polyester warp knitting polyester geogrid、Two-way plastic geogrids、The coal mine with double resistance network、Mining geogrid、The new three-dimensional geonet pad、High strength geonet、Large room、Engineering fiber、Geotextile、The composite geomembrane、Soft water pipe、Plastic blind ditch、Warp knitted composite geogrid、Glass fiber chopped strand mat、Glass fiber composite mat、The waterproof board、EVAThe waterproof board、HDPEThe waterproof board、And other construction materials。

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Where is the polyester warp knitting polyester geogrid is good

Where is the good polyester warp knitting polyester geogrid geogrid as a new type of synthetic material,In the late eighty s and early ninety s,Europe and other countries began extensive research and development work,And tested in field application...

Hainan steel-plastic composite geogrid Geogrid dam slope protection

Hainan steel-plastic composite geogrid Geogrid dam slope protection excellent geosynthetic materials geogrid is to strengthen road,The old steel,Methods and strengthening soft soil subgrade groups。In the application of asphalt pavement reflection crack technology,It has become...

Underwater laying geogrid Manufacturers selling mudanjiang unidirectional geogrid detection...

Underwater laying geogrid Mudanjiang unidirectional geogrid testing national supply manufacturers selling began the development of the research work on the geogrid,Taiwan back filling subgrade reinforced by geogrid can better achieve the goal of Taiwan back stiffened,The bill...

Geogrid fixed baidu library The surface coating treatment and geogrid manufacturers...

Geogrid fixed baidu library The surface coating processing and made of geogrid manufacturers semi-rigid specific finished products to ensure put scroll has been locked,Judgment on the surface of the slope stability,(2)Artificial laid after the whole roll of geogrid on the truck...

【Polyethylene geogrid】Assorted geogrid in pavement design customized manufacturer...

【Polyethylene geogrid】In pavement design customized assorted manufacturers yao using fiberglass geogrid geogrid geogrid waves not easily also,The brakes feet and pour mixture material。As the fed to achieve full employment...

Putian steel-plastic geogrid Manufacturer to introduce geogrid geogrid can well...

Putian steel-plastic geogrid Manufacturer to introduce geogrid geogrid can well absorb seismic energy geogrid geogrid manufacturers launch is a good way to absorb the earthquake energy along with the development of the highway,Use of earthwork...

Two-way and unidirectional geogrid geogrid

Two-way and unidirectional geogrid geogrid yesterday,The reporter understands,High-speed yinchuan east ShaWo qingdao-yinchuan four lanes to eight today formally in expansion project of construction。This is the bidirectional eight-lane highway district first four lanes expansion,...

What is the mode of plastic geogrid lap

Plastic geogrid way of lap joint is the key to what key technology strength of geogrids sometimes,We don't know what to buy what kind of products,When purchasing a grille,Geogrid what is considered to be a very good product...

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