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For group was established2014Years10Month。The department has a theory of deep foundation、Actual combat ability of rich research team,Dedicated to the study WeChat rules,According to the micro trade winds to,Cooperation with large number since the media public add powder。Sales as the main task,Is a90After the young team,Team full of youthful spirit、Vitality。

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Three career

Since2015Career since three years since the company was founded,Committed to the development of new media marketing platform and operation,The company's brand of god of wealth, including mobile Internet、APPApplications,WeChat new media,PCMedia, etc……。The god of wealth, branding has set out to make the market leader position。Across the country300More than the user,Radiation1000More than mobile user groups,The daily average of more than6000More than ten thousand times content display(PV)。In addition,After a year of development,Team relies on strong technical strength and operation ability,For multiple brands through the mainstream of new media promotion to the market success。

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Five career

Since its inception media five from the team,We have the high speed development of new media matrix,Level of millions of potential mobile end users,A group of rich in passion、Bearing dreams of a young team,Have fun、Fashion、Good food、Literature、Tourism, and other professional media matrix,Covering all aspects life,Committed to build industry leading media matrix,We pay more attention to happiness、Learning、Warmth、Creative,The humanized management,A dream leading place!

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Six of my career

Still in the dream world of mortals,Wake up with a start to know the volume!Cause the six core business is business《The world of mortals roll》Novel web site,As the novel fan across the country,Provide excellent reading novel,And author resources accumulation,Form a writer-Platform-The user to read such an ecosystem,Create a healthy industry of reading!

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Seven business

Cause of seven was established2016Years12Month,Departments to create an interesting、There are expected、The rich from the media information platform,Make reading become valuable,To the user to create a secure world;We are a young team,We are a dynamic team、We have the idea、We are more creative!

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Product research and development department

Product research and development department since its establishment,Focus on the research and development of product of the Internet,The company is the most solid and reliable backup service team。A total is divided into three divisions,Products division includes design and planning group;UEDDivision consists of the art and the front group;And technology division includesPHPGroup and ops、APPGroup。The existing staff30People,Most of the graduated from key university computer professional,Give full play to the technology and talent advantage,The core team veteran Internet industry background,Determined to break through innovation,Create value for users,Create value for the company's products are the primary target of product research and development department;Top priority is to constantly meet the demand of each department business;We embrace the Internet open attitude welcome more technology and join in。

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Media division

Use a search engine as a bridge,The focus of the party and the news media website optimization。Farce search division's core business is to provide high quality content for each big web site traffic platform,Continuous accumulation of the media and advertisers,Good trend has gone hand in hand to create the three parties!

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Music a simple division

Division was established in music2017Years2Month,Departments focus on mobile Internet technology development and operations,With a strong operating team and ability,In order to"High-quality goods game,Delicate service"As the business philosophy,Has been successfully operated for many popular cross-platform game。Le swims business will in constant change and innovation spirit,To meet changing user needs,Create more value for customers and partners,Jointly open up a new era of mobile Internet and mobile gaming entertainment。

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Our managementIs the idea>>

To motivate people business In emotional warmth With system specification To train a person of mechanism

Passion、Optimistic、Innovation、Carry、Help each other