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Tianjin jia machinery equipment leasing co., LTD., long-term to provideForklift truck,Van,Forklift repair business。Pour the library years engaged in the warehouse、Factory relocation、And all kinds of container loading and unloading24Hours to serve you wholeheartedly,In the city,Can provide long-term renting service category:Mainly continues to move、Handling、Move、Freight、Displacement of crane、Such comprehensive mechanical services business!Service tenet:Quality assurance,The user supreme of our advantage:Has a group of senior experience rigger and technical backbone of special lifting and equipment rigger has many professional lifting equipment,Have all kinds ofForklift truckAnd complete machinery,The most preferential prices to provide you with safe、High quality、Convenient、Quick service In the customer enjoys a high reputation24Hours service for you with all sincerity we hold to serve our customers heart and soul,Sincere desire to win the market,Constantly improve the business with good mechanical quality,Mastery of business skills,Have received customer high praise!
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Forklift in cold storage should have when working conditions

Cold storage type forklift as indispensable handling equipment in the various sectors,It is more and more attention of the industry,Especially the battery forklift has increasingly become the choice of the food industry and cold chain logistics company。We know the characteristics of cold storage environment according to the temperature range is divided into high temperature library、WenKu、Library and cryogenic library at low temperature,High temperature is not...
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