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Corporate announcements:
  Anhui synergy bearing co., LTD in taizhou, zhejiang province in the earliest05Year started,In officially07Years6Month rapidly in anhui province and the economic and technological development zone was established。Since the early stage,Company product market positioning in the field of high-end motors、Brand white home appliance field、The three main plate auto transmission field,And gradually extends to the computer's hard drive through development and fan、Two plates auto tension wheel field...
  Specialize in the precision of long life and low noise of ball bearings。Production range in diameterΦ3~Φ160,Specifically for the domestic automobile gearbox、High-end industrial motor、Brand home appliances、Computer hard drives and fans、Light industry、Engineering machinery, etc. Provide matching,Synergy“CO-CB”Bearing has been recognized by customers in China...
  In the mass production module,The company introduces the Toyota lean production mode,Improve the consistency of quality,To keep the products cost-effective advantage。The company has successively passedISO9001:2008Quality system certification、IS0/TS16949:2009Quality management system certification。The company continuously2In a one-off...
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The phone:0559-6539688
Enterprise email:xietong@aimier.net.cn
Production base:Huangshan, anhui, China rapidly economic development zone
Headquarters office address:Zijin road rapidly in anhui province, China and the economic development zone5Number
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