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Chongqing ink and technology co., LTD. Is a Shanghai nanjiang group joint venture with the Chinese academy of sciences institute of chongqing green intelligent technology set up a high and new technology enterprise,The company was founded in2013Years3Month,Initial investment2.67One hundred million yuan。The ink is a high and new technology enterprise of science and technology,Mass production is committed to the graphene membrane materials、Graphene scale preparation of thin film materials research and development of complete sets of equipment and system solutions、Graphene application product development。2016Years12Month be gorgeous family co., LTD(The stock code600503)Its technology sector of the high-tech companies。2017In the company was identified as high-tech enterprises。For details>>

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6Month29Day,2016World conference on mobile(MWCShanghai)Officially opened,As Asia's largest communications industry event...
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